About Kaisa Dog Food

Kaisa dog food is a family owned business, which always focuses on the customers needs. Our food is produced in Sarpsborg, Østfold. The dog food is produced with bioenergy and is the most environmentally friendly dog food on the Norwegian market today.

Kaisa dog food is produced with modern production equipment, and we use fresh Norwegian produce of high nutritional quality. Including fresh eggs from Nortura, which has several positive features, among other things for your dog's fur. The dog food is constantly tested on different breeds and in the laboratory, in order to provide our customers the best quality.

Our product is one of the market's most flavoursome and digestible dog food, and contains no artificial additives.

Our History

Kaisa Dog food started in the kitchen of Anne Liv and Alf Åserød in 1992 on Jelsnes Ødegård, Østfold. The main goal then was to create a good food for their shepherd dog, Kaisa. Kaisa Dog food was established as an additional trade on the farm, when dog owners increasingly came to buy fresh eggs for their dogs. Eggs have positive features for the dogs fur and fertility.

Today, we are a family owned business that operates with egg and meat production, in addition to Kaisa Dog food. We have built a factory with modern production equipment, and produce all the food with green energy. All our food contain fresh, Norwegian ingredients of a superior quality.

Our Products

All of our products are adequate food and can be given alone without additives.
Some dogs may prefer that you soften pellets before serving, but always remember to have fresh water available.

We recommend that you choose the type of food based on the dog's daily activity level and metabolism, and then based on the guidelines featured on the back of the bag.

All our products consists of meat from beef, lamb and chicken, fish, cereals, egg, vitamin mix and minerals. The amount of fat and protein varies between the different types.

Kaisa Hundefor

Locally Produced

Since the production and ingredients are in Norway, we maintain a low carbon footprint and costly freight and import.

Produced with green energy

Bioenergy produced on the farm, covers most of the energy used in production.

Eggs added

We use eggs in our products, because eggs contain important nutrients and contribute to a healthy and nice fur.

Omega 3

Dogs also need to meet their needs for omega 3. This is found naturally in the feed in that it contains different types of fish.

Extreme Feed

For dogs with a high activity level

Hunting, Outdoors and other Dog Sports

Kaisa extreme feed is designed for dogs with a high activity level, over a longer period. The extra fat gives the dog more energy to perform and fits well with sled dogs and hardworking hunting dogs.

Activity Feed

For dogs with a high activity level

Hunting, Outdoors and other Dog Sports

Kaisa aktivitetsfôr is designed for dogs that need to perform a little extra, either in the form of hunting, dog sport or which generally maintain a high activity level. Can also be used as puppy feed, when in soaked condition.

Quality Feed

For normally active dogs

The typical family dog

Kaisa quality feed is designed for dogs with a normal activity level, and contains everything a family dog needs.

Our Retailers

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Our Production

Production takes place on our farm in Sarpsborg, Østfold. In 2013 we built a new factory and the production equipment is therefore very modern. Most of the energy needed for the machinery are also produced on the farm by using our own bioenergy power plant.

All batches are carefully examined at all times to maintain a good quality product. Both ingredients and production is subject to stringent controlls by the FSA.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or requests. Please place large orders via phone or email and contact us before pick up.

Visiting address:

Hovdenveien 70, 1708 Sarpsborg
Tlf.: +47 97075513
E-post: [email protected]


From E6: Take exit number 7 in Sarpsborg and follow RV114 towards Skiptvet. After about 3 km, follow the signs to the right towards Jelsnes. Follow the road for about 8 km and follow the signs to Kaisa Hundefôr.

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